As a member of Beavers Wealth Management, Ryan Finglass drives creative insight and contributes to the team’s efficiency. A recent graduate of Texas A&M University, Ryan excelled at the top of his class, earning a degree in finance from Mays Business School with the designation of magna cum laude. During his time at Texas A&M University, Ryan worked alongside the Beavers Wealth Management group, where he deepened his understanding of how to uncover, prioritize and achieve a client’s goals.

A Dallas native, Ryan spends his leisure time supporting Dallas sports teams and attempting to break 70 on the golf course. In his new position at Beavers Wealth Management, Ryan is committed to building relationships with clients while exceeding their goals.

P.S. Personally speaking

  • Q. What are your must-have travel items?
    Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat. Anything that keeps me from becoming a lobster.
  • Q. What is your favorite kind of trip? Why?
    I enjoy new experiences when traveling. My favorite trips are usually the first time I visit somewhere. Also, relaxation is key but hard to come by when traveling with 10-plus family members.
  • Q. How do you spend your time outside of the office?
    Outside of the office is training time. Whether it be training for my next marathon or dialing in my golf swing to shoot the next course record. I’m always trying to find a way to get better at what I love to do.
  • Q. If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?
    I would be chasing Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record.
  • Q. What’s the one thing that might surprise others about you?
    I’m the best cook in the neighborhood.
  • Q. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    I would love to spend a week somewhere that has great deep-sea fishing, golf courses, and seafood. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
  • Q. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?
    Pedialyte, that is my 93 octane.
  • Q. How do you define success?
    I subscribe to the idea that inspiring someone else is the definition of success.